I am a huge supporter of the Fast Food workers out there. It's hard work and the customers can be awful. With that said, this Saturday I got to experience quite a bit of what people complain about.

I found myself very hungry Saturday and in the middle of errands so I thought I'd hit up a fast food joint to grab and go some grub. These went sideways three times.  Also, please note, this all started at 11:37, just a few minutes shy of the "lunch rush"

I started at a place known for their chicken. I drove up to the drive-through and....nothing. Just nothing for 3-4 minutes.  I backed the truck up and drove back up (in case there was a sensor) and nothing. I then assumed the speaker was busted so I started to drive up and there was one car ahead of me waiting on an order. I decided, "y'know what, if they're this slow taking an order, I'd be better off across the street".

I headed to a place known for its fish. I went to the menu and nothing. Just nothing. No one acknowledged me of decided to take my order. After a few minutes, I just drove to the window and nothing. No one was taking orders, waving or anything. Heck, it may even have closed down for all I know.

I headed up the street to my favorite burger joint.  Even though I wasn't completely in the mood for a burger, I figured they wouldn't let me down.  I placed my order and moved up one car length. I watched a video on my phone. Then I watched another video. Then I started scrolling through Facebook messages. It was well over five minutes and I was stuck in the line. Well, not "stuck" because I figured, if they can't kick out an order at least once every five minutes, I'm going to be here waiting for the next half hour. I pulled out of line and went home and ate some hot links. Remember, the rule is always "three strikes and you're out" and after spending 30 minutes trying to get some food, I was done.

I think we should all be reasonable and appreciate the work fast food workers do when they're doing work. If they're providing no service, then it's time to move on.

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