Tuesday's dust storm in Lubbock was a doozy.

Tuesdays Dust Storm Was Epic for All The Wrong Reasons

I've been in eleventy-bazillion dust storms in Lubbock, but for some reason yesterday's really bothered me. I'm talking bothered as in I found it hard to not inhale a lot of dirt.

I've seen those giant haboobs roll in and been in dust storms where you could hardly see more than ten feet. It just seemed that there was more dirt suspended in the air than usual. It was like trying to breathe underwater, but instead of drowning in water you're drowning in dirt.

Just Stay Home

Yes, I'm smart enough to "just stay home." I'm also smart enough to run three humidifiers in the house to keep the dust down. Unfortunately, I had to get out and check on my property for about 20 minutes. That small amount of time was more than enough to fill my lungs with enough dirt to pot a plant.

Now I'm Kicking Myself

If only something happened over the last two years that could help me through a dust storm...if only. I cannot believe I didn't put on one of the dozens of homemade or even N-95 masks I have on hand. Dust particulates are way bigger than the coronavirus and either mask would have helped immeasurably.

I Will Not Suffer Again

It's crazy how quickly we forgot about masks. We had a rough couple of years there and we should have learned some lessons. I'm going to get serious about masks all over again. We have to remember to be ready for big COVID-19 outbreaks and, sorry, even bigger West Texas dust storms.

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