Do you think this is an overstatement?

This is what we have here, everyone. Let's start with the fact that college students have been camping out since Saturday night at the United Supermarkets Arena. These students are hardcore and many will be sleep-deprived and possibly drunk/hungover (let's not pretend that's not happening). This is not the best mental state to have when making decisions, if you know what I mean.

Next up, there's precedent. It's happened before and relatively few were punished at all for acting up. If there are any scooters near Texas Tech University, they need to be picked up immediately or they could be kindling. The last time we had a spontaneous bonfire on Broadway it was because of a big win. This time we're also dealing with the fact that former coach Chris Beard is hated in Lubbock and seen as the enemy at this point. For many Texas Tech students, this is the only game that matters, and that's going to take things to the boiling point.

Let's look at some other factors. Texas Tech students aren't the ones excited about the game. Tickets for this game are now being resold starting at $250, with some tickets priced at $1,650. Then, there's the Greatest Wrestler Of All Time, Ric Flair, doing some crowd work on the mic. Flair is the best and he'll have the house rockin'. (Thanks again, Davis Smith/Gorilla Law Firm for making this happen.)

Long story short: LPD better get ready for some overtime if Texas Tech beats Texas. This could get a little crazy.

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