It's easy to be the guy that comments on someone else's work.

I am, once again, encouraging some of you more active commentators to step up and write your own blogs. There are any numbers of great platforms out the that will also you to publish for little to no charge. You can get your ideas out there in a more comprehensive form.

Writing is actually not that hard. If you add a Grammarly extension to your Google browser it will help you greatly with your grammar. From there, it's all about deciding on the topics you'll be covering.

In addition to publishing your blog, you'll also probably want to cross-post each blog to your Facebook page to help increase your reach. You can also share and/or paste the link on all of your friend's pages.

Once you've started publishing your thoughts you'll probably get both positive and negative feedback from your readers. While I wouldn't you encourage to pay too much attention to trolls, you can often use their feedback as fodder for new blogs. After all, if you're going to respond to their comment, why not turn it into another feature for your blog site>

It can be very hard to keep a constant stream of new ideas and topics to keep a blog going, but if you sit down and just do it, you may find yourself getting into a groove.  I personally would like to see many more fully fleshed out ideas and opinions out there instead of drive-by Facebook comments.

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