I'm a weirdo about movies, or am I?

Let's make this a story about friend "A" and friend "B". Friend "A" attended a movie recently with "A Junior". While they were at the movie they noticed that friend "B" was there. And by noticing, I mean that friend "B" and her group would not quit talking during the movie. It was so bad that friend "A" had to change seats to try to get away from the noise.

I now hate friend "B" even though they've never done anything bad to me personally. I just can't respect someone who would talk during movies. This may seem ridiculous to you, but what if you found out someone who was a friend hated dogs or didn't put their shopping cart back? You'd probably also want to kick them in the yams.

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Basic human decency would make a normal person think, "I'm not going to ruin this for people". Add to that the millions of messages saying it's not cool to talk during the movies. Exactly what is it going to take to get it through some people's heads that this is not cool?

My last few visits to the movies have been very enjoyable, so much so, that I thought, "I need to do this more often". I personally won't stand for this nonsense and I don't think anyone should. If you want to talk while you watch a movie, then do it at home. The idea of "I bought a ticket I can do what I want" isn't a real thing. You can't talk at the movies or throw stuff at concerts. There are rules and there is the social contract you have with other people trying to enjoy themselves.

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