It's hard for me to believe this is even a controversial position.

The good people over at U.M.C. have announced that they will require mandatory vaccinations. Of course, there is some whining and claims of "mass resignations" (which never seem to happen). I think having to be vaccinated to be in healthcare is just part of the job.

Our servicemen get 17 shots (maybe 18 now with COVID regulations) in order to serve our country. It's part of the job and required. You can't fight for our country or make the best decisions if everyone in the platoon is sick.

Taking this concept a bit further, we require our truckers to be drug tested. We can't have them jeopardizing public health by hitting the streets all methed out or whatever. Going even further, our police have to prove certain things physically and mentally to do their jobs.

The idea that you have "full-body autonomy" isn't even a thing in your private life. If you think it is, go light up a joint in front of a Lubbock cop.  You can't even risk your body, because the law requires you to wear seatbelts.

We all have things we have to do in order to be qualified to do our job. Sometimes we even have to get a physical to get company insurance. When a person goes to the hospital they (rightfully) expect that they are in a clean, safe place that is designed to help them get better and not worse. I expect my nurse to not infect me just like I expect the guy that makes me food to wash his hands.

I'm sorry if you are a healthcare professional and you don't feel a responsibility to protect your patients; that only tells me that you chose the wrong field. If you don't want to be vaccinated, then it's probably time to find another line of work.

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