It's always important to recognize he heroes among us.

Image by André Santana Design André Santana from Pixabay/Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay
Image by André Santana Design André Santana from Pixabay/Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

“A true hero is not defined by their strength, but by their ability to inspire and lead others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Who are heroes but people who stepped up when everyone else just stood by?  So it is people with backbones of steel and ice in their veins or just common folks who heard the call and answered it? Who do you want to look up to or your kids to grow up to be? There are many types of heroes out there so make sure you choose wisely!

Somewhere in Texas today, a true hero strode by a Walmart Greeter without showing their receipt. Let me be the first to say, "Way to put it to THE MAN by making it harder for this minimum wage employee to do what they were told to do". It's certainly not your fault if that employee gets in trouble because you're mad that you had to check yourself out (even though you could have went to another store and been checked out by a checker).

You're bravery will no doubt be fodder for true tales of heroism around the campfire. I'm sure when they make a list of true American Heroes you'll be right behind Seal Team 6. I'm not sure if we can change the words to "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" but if there's a way to squeeze your name in there, we're doing it.

I certainly hope we can count on you when the chips are down. We need people like you to leave really super messy tables at restaurants so the the servers know who the boss is. We need you to leave shopping carts anywhere you want in parking lots because you aren't being paid to take them back. We also need you to throw your trash out your window and/or car door so they people who pick up litter will have jobs.

I do have an admission. I've never actually seen someone walk past a greeter and refuse to show their receipt, I've only seen them talk about their heroic deeds on social media. Yes, if there's one thing that's for sure about heroes, it's how much they love to talk about how brave they are on Facebook. Thank you heroes, we can't wait until you get your way because we all want longer lines and higher prices.

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