Let's start with the fact that the picture you see above, isn't even from the hardcore match.

The picture above was a small tip of the hat to Erik Grason who started the blood flowing earlier in the night after having a chain-wrapped baseball bat rubbed into his forehead.

The true savagery was a three-way hardcore match for the Doldrum Pow Memorial Trophy. We should pause here and say that these guys ordinarily do family-oriented shows that you could feel safe taking little kids to. Something just comes over the Rampage Wrestlers when they visit Nightmare On 19th Street.

The three in the ring were the title-holder Violent V, the extra-large Bubba-looking fellow named "Wingman Carl" and the guy with the braided hair, "Moshpit Mike".  You are going to see a lot of violent pics here, but trust me, they pale in comparison to what it was like seeing it in person, as these guys were full-on body-slamming each other right to the Nightmare asphalt.

In the ring though, were the "toys" including thumb-tacks, barbed-wire, a t.v., kendo sticks, a staplegun and so much more. Out of the ring were some things that were formerly tables and chairs.

For the record, Mosh Pit Mike and Wingman Carl simultaneously pinned Violent V resulting in the two going head-to-head for the title sometime in the future, in what will probably be a tables and chairs match. Dang!

(oh, by the way, when you see the guys sporting what looks like weird mohawks, that's barbeque skewers that were driven into their heads).


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