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I have lived in this area for decades, and I've seen some weird stuff lately.

Let's start at the beginning just in case you didn't hear that story. The first thing I do every morning is get blasted in the face with cold air by leaning out the door and feeding the cat. For a while, I kept seeing a goofy looking cat watching my cat eat food. I'd yell, 'go away, goofy cat,' or sometimes I'd spill a little extra food a ways from my cat's bowl so the goofy cat could eat. One morning, I was clear headed enough to notice it wasn't a 'goofy cat;' it was a fox.

Then, I hit the daily double earlier this week. I peeked out the door to feed the cat and found a possum eating leftovers from the day before. Two days after that, it was a raccoon.

In addition to that trifecta of wildlife, I have a ton of squirrels in my neighborhood, and occasionally the peacocks come over from what used to be Country Line Barbeque.

What's odd to me is that I live in what I would consider to be a fairly residential area, so it's weird to me that the critters are walking right up to my front door. That's all my 2020 needs: for the possums, foxes, raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife to rise up and attack me in the morning.

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