An Indiana High school is home to "The Satanic Club Of Carmel".

So could Lubbock have satanic clubs spring up? The answer is, it could happen. With Lubbock's leniency towards Christian religions making their way into school, a door immediately opens for any kind of religion to walk in.

Here's where things get hinky. Almost no Satanists are theistic Satanists. A theistic satanist believes there is an actual devil, whereas most Satanists are just trolls. That's right, they use the word "Satan" to describe themselves as anti-Christian, anti-religion, and/or atheist. In their minds, they see the way Christians behavior as flawed and they want to present something counter to that.

Let's hammer that point home; most Satanists do not believe in a supernatural being of any type. Most actually believe that they can do better than organized religions and are just using the word "Satan" as a poke-in-the-eye towards religion.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who think that these High School Satanists are playing with fire and will no doubt burn in hell, but that's exactly what they expect you would think and that is why they are choosing a position that is so counter to that belief system.

I doubt we'll see a Satanic club at any of our high schools. They'd probably be harassed out of existence by people who would not see the irony of what they are doing. I think this is best illustrated by a current meme that stresses this that says, "Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches and not those who burned them alive?".

So could Satanists in Lubbock schools become a thing? It probably already is, it's just not organized.

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