I moved from Southern California to small town Texas in 1979.

I had just started getting my freedom in California. My early teens were spent at the beach, in the reservoirs skateboarding, and hitting up the all-ages pool halls for both billiards and pinball. I have to tell ya it was the sweet life for sure.

I was then uprooted and taken to a small town in Texas where there was practically nothing to do, except get in trouble. There was one place that absolutely rocked though, and that was the 7-Eleven. The 7-Eleven not only had the most amazing drink ever invented called, the "Slurpee", it also featured a corner area that house something new called, "video games".

I can tell you for sure that we spent hours playing video games, knocking back Slurpees, and most importantly staying out of trouble (which LOVED to find me). I don't even think the cashiers cared that we were in there that much, because we kind of kept them company, and of course, the safety in numbers thing.

As a morning guy in radio for many decades, I am also a caffeine addict. There's one problem with my addiction though, and that is that I don't like coffee. Fortunately, 7-Eleven introduced the Big Gulp followed by the Double Gulp. Oh, I did smoke for two or three decades too. All of this added up to 7-Eleven being a home away from home.

I guess I don't even have to address the sandwiches and burritos that hit the spot after you've had a few beers and everything else has closed.

There are a lot of convenience stores out there, but 7-11 was my ride-or-die for many years. What can I say other than, "Oh, thank heaven, for 7-11". Happy 89th Birthday*.

*Some locations are passing along free Slurpees today.

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