Most of the time us radio folks have a pretty fun job. On occasions, it can be tough. What would you say on the radio on the day after 22 people died?

We have had to come in on some real bummer days and had to slap a smile on our face and do our best to take people's minds of tragedies. Hey, it's not digging ditches, but we're not trained psychologists either. We do our best to recognize that people are hurting and try to move forward and give them a break for a while.You've probably had some type of situation where you've had to do the same. Something awful happened to you but you still had to smile for a customer or act like nothing is wrong.

I just wanted to write this short note and film this blog in case you've ever caught us yukking it up on the day of a tragedy, or celebrity death, or whatever. We firmly believe it's our job to take people's minds off things, while those very same things are going on in the back of our minds. If we don't always say the right things it's because we're air personalities, not psychiatrists. If we do say the right things, it's because we're talking to you like you're our friends. You guys be awesome to each other.



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