Have you ever wondered why remains have to be returned to Lubbock?

Lubbock's Medical Examiner Office has been a mess since the days of Dr. Ralph Erdmann storing salsa in a medical fridge (This is true: It was on 60 minutes).

Currently, the City of Lubbock is taking a model used in much smaller towns with an administrative pathologist in Lubbock, but actual autopsies performed in a larger city.

Lubbock sadly lost two of its own in a weather-related accident over the weekend, and to have proper pathology performed on their bodies, a trip to Tarrant County was required. I find this a little embarrassing that these men who died in service to our city and county had to go elsewhere before being laid to rest. It is wonderful the way Lubbock honored their service on the return, but it's still unfortunate they had to go.

I had no idea that this is how things are handled. I made the assumption that our arrangement meant someone from Tarrant County would visit Lubbock, rather than the deceased traveling.

Let me say that I just don't understand. I guess it's good that something was done, but this fiasco and backlog in our M.E. office is shameful. I don't know if County Commissioners take on this topic at every meeting, but they should.

This nonsense adds an unnecessary burden to Lubbock families, as well as making the city look as modern as a flip-phone.

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