I am really amazed, but not surprised when people try to turn a bad situation to their advantage.

One of the most frequently used devices to try to make a point these days is memes. So let's take the one that put a bug under my rug and dissect.

"Now that we know who the essential workers are, explain to me why Professional Athletes make so much more money if they are basically useless when it matters". 

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and assume that the author of this meme had a head injury and their critical thinking skills are lost in a mass a grey jelly.  Professional athletes make more money because more people demand their services.  A guy in the grocery store serves thousands of people, an athlete serves millions. Even if the athlete was paid pennies on the dollar compared to the grocery guy, by the time you multiply that by millions, they would make more.

I personally give no sh@ts if athlete's salaries were cut as I don't watch sports. What I do care about is some peoples need to run certain groups down at the expense of others. If you think grocery workers should make more, write "Grocery Workers Should Make More". If you think athletes should make less, then quit tuning into games and buying jerseys.  Problem solved. There's no need to be an assh@le to make your point.

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