I read today that some people were actually going to doctor's offices in disguise because they didn't want their anti-vaxx friends to know they were getting shots.

Science itself is ever-changing. As knowledge comes in and things are tested over and over, the scientific conclusions evolve. It's okay for you to evolve too. I'm not claiming that only the "evolved" come to this conclusion, I'm just saying that's it's okay that you have taken the most current facts available to you and made a decision that is good for you at this moment. I don't understand why anyone would be embarrassed by this.

At one point in your life, you probably believed in Santa Claus (and you may still) but after a time you had enough evidence to accuse your parents of subbing for Santa. At some point, you may have changed your mind about what beer tastes best, how you like your eggs, or even what exercise is best for your health.

I am not here to talk anyone into getting a vaccine, I'm just here to let you know there is no reason to hesitate or be embarrassed by the opinions of others. Yes, I personally believe that you should do it for your health and the health of the world, but you have to make your own decision. You might be young enough or tough enough to beat this disease, but not financially secure enough to miss three weeks of work. You might have seen a first-hand account of a battle with this disease that makes you second guess your previous decision. You may also see the millions upon millions that have been vaccinated and have seen enough proof that the vaccine is a better risk than a possible serious run-in with it.

Make the decision that's right for you and your family. Count me among the many people who won't make fun of you for changing your mind. Science evolves and people's opinions should too.

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