You guys are aware of The Purge, right?

In The Purge, all crime is legal for 24 hours. This includes everything; that's why they say "all." My idea adopts the central idea from The Purge and modifies it to the world of fireworks.

Here's where I'm going with this: for two hours, every 4th of July, ALL FIREWORKS WOULD BE LEGAL. Just two solid hours of rootin', tootin', fireworks shootin' mayhem! Yes, we would have to deal with fires, injuries and house pets with nervous bowels, but we're dealing with all of those things anyway.

In addition to "The Fireworks Purge," we'd implement real fireworks laws and enforce them. Anyone shooting fireworks before or after The Purge hours will be fined $1,000 per infraction.

Currently, if anything is being done to enforce our current fireworks ordinance, then I haven't seen it. I'd like, for once, to see a July 5th report on how many tickets the LPD wrote for fireworks infractions. It's so bad that even the LPD didn't want to take calls so they switched to an online reporting system, which I think they read during break time and just have a good ol' laugh.

Look, I don't blame the police, they're overwhelmed, but what's the next crime that there's "too much of" so they just ignore it?

My idea is flat-out awesome and I don't care what anyone else says. I also would like it very much if my neighbor who was firing off fireworks until 3 a.m. was sent to jail. "The Fireworks Purge." Think about it.

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