I really hope you took advantage of all of the shows in 2022, because 2023 is looking slim.

Again, we can't take the lack of shows too personally. Right now all of the mega festivals are loaded up with a ton of talent. Part of being added to a festival like that is not playing the smaller surrounding markets.

Then the higher cost of touring, from gas prices to venues demanding merch cuts and other factors are keeping bands from going out. Many are just in a "wait and see" mode right now.

Some excited audience members during a Motley Crue concert at London's Hammersmith Apollo.
Marc Broussely, Redferns

Let's also add age concerns with many of these larger artists. Many cannot play five nights a week and some will only play every other day. That means playing a town like Lubbock actually requires three days, a day off, the show day, and another day before playing another market.

You also have to remember that our best venue, United Supermarkets Arena, is host to basketball this time of year, and finding an open date can be very, very tricky. I think the fact that they've hosted big rock shows is amazing in itself and they should be commended for how welcome they make everyone feel.

Korn's Jonathan Davis, Evanescence's Amy Lee
YouTube: FirstRowConcert

I have to say that I feel like we're personally impacted by this as well, with no clear choice for a band for a prospective FMX Birthday Bash band in sight. Add to this a lack of smaller club shows and things look bleak.

There is very much an upside for all of this, and it's probably next year. Many bands will be looking to get some additional dates in behind their new albums and at that point, they will either have to play secondary markets or none at all.

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