Man, I was more than jealous when I read about Amarillo having their first "Burger Brawl".

In my opinion steaks are best left mostly unseasoned so those cookoffs are really about timing and meat selection. Barbeque is fun for cookoffs because seasoning plays a huge part in a lot of the items cooked. Somewhere in the middle is the utilitarian hamburger.

I don't write songs, but if I did there would be one about hamburgers. Burgers are my favorite main course. With burgers, you can cook up some premium ground meat, or you could go the way most of us regular folks roll and season the heck out of whatever is on sale at the supermarket. I feel like I nail it with seasoning salt, ground garlic, and Worchester sauce, but I've had friends nail it with just meat and smoke.

I know my preference for burgers when I'm out on the town, but I think it's time that somebody put on the ultimate home chef burger cookoff. It's time to see what backyard burger is best...and I'm just the guy to judge.

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