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It still may be years before marijuana is legal in Texas or across the country, but c'mon, why pretend that a pot bust is a big deal?

I saw the headline that two guys were busted with 147 pounds of pot and some THC products (probably vape cartridges or whatever). My thought, as always, was "big deal."

Stopping that flow of pot does absolutely nothing. There's still going to be plenty of pot. People are still going to smoke pot. All that bust did was keep weed prices from going down and tie up law enforcement for a day now (and later, a couple of days in court).

The media still portrays pot busts like someone or society itself were "saved." That concept is so ridiculous and outdated that I can't believe I even have to point it out anymore. All busts like this do is build contempt for the people who have to enforce these ultimately meaningless and archaic marijuana laws.

There is a much bigger chance that law enforcement will save lives by catching speeders. (In fact, my new slogan is "Catch speeders, not weeders.")  The media needs to do its part by not acting like these busts are a big deal.

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