I'm usually not this way, but I have a couple of beefs right now.

Do you think it's right for "public servants' to treat you like you're a peasant? Do you think it's right for millionaires and billionaires to continue to get treatments that you can't get?

Let's bust down a few things that have happened recently. It looks like you're going to get a $600 government check to help you get by. That brings the total to $1800. After all of the money you've paid in taxes, when you really need help you get $1800. There's just something not right, fair, or even compassionate about that.

How about those perfectly healthy politicians that have access to expensive coronavirus treatments that you never could afford, being among those first in line for vaccines?  Why do these douchebags go to the front of the line while we see our seniors (and others) die?

Let's also note who was not present when it was time to develop vaccines. Where were the millionaire televangelists and politicians when it came time to kick in to find a treatment. Other than a few celebrities, (Dolly Parton & Bill Gates) most of the millionaire celebrities and sports figures sat things out too.

The world owes you nothing and it owes me nothing. At the same time, we owe nothing to those people who could have helped but didn't. We owe nothing to those who jumped to the front of the line while those in the back died. It is time to hold each and every one of these people accountable for their actions and nonaction.

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Lubbock Etsy Artists We Love


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