The iconic event returns.

St. Joseph's Oktoberfest/Sausagefect is about as an iconic West Texas event as they come. It's right up there with the Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast,  As a matter of fact, I tend to think of it as a Lubbock event, when the truth is, its home is in Slaton.

At the core is the sausage that is available to order in advance. You can choose German, Jalapeno, or Habanero Sausage in huge links. It is truly a "fill your freezer" kind of situation because this sausage is so good.

I'm a bit of a sausage nerd and I like my tube steaks just a bit coarser ground and I got that from eating St. Joesph's Sausage. I can also say that my sausage fandom actually originated from their annual event.

Yes, I said "event" because it's now more than just bulk sausage sales, now they do a whole Oktoberfest with sausage dinner, live music, and all kinds of fun. Get ready for this, you can check it out under "the big tent" or in a German Biergarten and that means beer!

The two events take place October 15th and 16th  at 21st and Division in Slaton.  This is the 53rd year they've done this event, so I think it's safe to say that you'll be visiting a fantastic event.

Let's back to the beginning though, you can preorder your sausages, braid pastries, or the most epic of t-shirts right here. In fact, I think I'll close by showing off the perfect t-shirt design right now:


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