Okay, you on both sides of the isle...get out of the isle and sit down.

This is TRULY one of those times when I am taking both the red/blue, right/left to task. The election is over, turn down the heat, and let things play out however they are going to play out.

It's ridiculous when the drama queens scream, "It's (whatever it is) is tearing the country apart", or "we've never been more divided" or even the super-extreme "we're headed towards a civil war". The kids say it best when they use the initials STFU.

We go through this nonsense every election cycle. Everybody ramps up their arguments over who is more horrible and the only way to top that horribleness is to come up with some other thing or scenario that is even more horrible. Just stop.

When it comes to politics I do think that one side is better than the other, and you do too (that's why you picked a side). The drama though is ridiculous. We are fortunate enough that we don't have an enemy enough, but the downside of that, and there is a downside to that,  is we don't have a common enemy. Without a common enemy, we tend to zing each other.

So please take a step back and measure your words. The fact is, as I mentioned before America isn't divided in half, it's divided into thirds and the other third does not care one iota what the left or right are doing. Things are going to be fine unless you give yourself a heart attack worry about it.

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