*Careful: Strong Language Ahead*

We all know right from wrong, so how come we don't say anything?

I had another item stolen from Nightmare On 19th Street. It was a big red generator that was seriously chained down. Someone had to have a pair of bolt cutters and a truck to get away. This isn't a crime of opportunity; this is a career thief.

People don't just have generators fall into their laps. They're as big as a medium-sized doghouse, so chances are likely that someone reading this knows someone who just came up with such an item. So why don't you say something?

You do know that the next victim of theft will probably be someone else you know, right? You may lose hubcaps or a grill or something even more valuable. The people who do these things have "friends" and it should be apparent what is up.

So, don't worry about me. Heck, don't even watch the video if you don't want to. But start speaking up before something of yours is stolen or damaged.

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