The vote was 402-12 in favor of the bill, so why did Arrington vote against it?

The fact is, I don't care why Arrington voted against this bill, it's just wrong. As a community that has had to survive its own disaster (the 511 tornado of 1970) you'd think everyone here would understand the importance of supporting those who rush in when it's needed most.

The bill was 402 in favor; it was obviously a good and acceptable bill. The fact that Arrington voted against it shows that he is playing political games with the future of these brave men and women.

We have to make a decision folks, are we going to support our veterans and first responders, or are we just going to say, "hey you chose the job, deal with it"?  Are we going to support bravery and sacrifice, and show empathy for those who have exhibited great selflessness or is it every man for himself?  Most importantly, are we going to allow politicians to represent us this way?

I don't involve myself in politics anymore. I focus on a few issues and that's it, but it is disgusting that two of the eleven votes against this bill came from Texas.  I think it would be VERY hard to find someone from our area who doesn't believe these first responders don't deserve to be taken care of, so why is our representative voting against the people's wishes? Arrington needs to explain this embarrassing no vote.

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