The Painman is coming our way.

Many of you know our buddy Frank Pain from his many, many years on FMX. He's still one of our favorite people on this planet. Painman is not only a hardcore rock guy known for his tagline "be a good human."

Pain has decided to take a step back from all the fighting on social media and actually do something. September 14th-24th, 2020, the Painman will travel all around Texas and Oklahoma setting up minority scholarships in 11 markets. We are proud that he chose to make Lubbock and his friends at FMX his first stop.

I encourage you to watch Pain's video below,  because it's so heartfelt and does such a good job of explaining why he's doing what he's doing. I not only want to challenge you to donate when the line becomes live, but I'm also calling on the Lubbock biker community to support a fellow rider in any way possible. (If there's one thing I know about bikers, it's that they stick together.)

We're currently working to make local resources available for the Painman, and we hope that includes some local stops at local landmarks and/or businesses with our two-wheeled friends. So, once again, check the Painman out and get ready to follow the action on The Ride for Change Facebook page.

Badasses in Facemasks


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