So how should you, as rockers, feel about Pride Month?

Rock is very aggressive music and it tends to appeal to hyper-masculine types. Now, that's certainly not everybody, but we have those types as a big part of our audience. A large part of the manly-man tends to get frowny when confronted with gay events and/or people.

Homophobia amongst the rock crowd doesn't make sense on two levels. First off, what is more manly than being able to be completely comfortable around gay people, then go home to your wife or girlfriend? You are literally SO MANLY and STRAIGHT that the gays can't use their mystical rainbow power on you. Secondly, it still echos in my personal DNA that rock listeners have always been a marginalized group. We were the thugs, the dirty rockers, the wasteoids, stoners, and delinquents in the eyes of many. In short, as a group that was put upon I feel it's our responsibility to step up for other groups that are put upon.

I also have zero cares about what any religious text says about gay people either. I see so much stuff written in the Bible that is dismissed by even the most zealous that one more thing shouldn't matter.

To the LGBTQ+ community, I see you and the contributions you make that help this to be a beautiful life for everyone. To the rockers out there, step up and let everyone know that you have their backs.

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