It's time to let go of what hair you have left.

I also get questions about my bald head and I know a few people I've inspired to shave it down too. I thought right about now would be the perfect time to hit this topic again.

You might be thinking, why now? Well, summer is nearly over and summer is not kind to freshly shaved bald heads. Think about it, most of your head has had at least some hair covering it. That first sunburn on a bald head will make you want to rip your eyes out, and it will gum up your razor with peeling skin (gross, but oh so very true).

So, what do you need to know about shaving your head? First off, just jump in the deep end of the pool. Taking your head down to a burr or really close cut takes away a lot of the benefits of going, full-on egghead.

Start by taking everything down whistle clean. Then make sure you have a good hat for these sunny days. As for upkeep, it's kinda vital to shave it every day. This may seem like a lot, but I just knock mine down in the shower every morning, no big deal. You don't need a mirror when you're shaving your entire head, you can feel any bristly spots left behind.

The guy I got my advice from recommended some kind of 'bump cream" or moisturizer but I have never found any of that to be necessary.

As far as other tips, you're going to want to switch to four-blade razors because they make quick work of the job. You're going to love being able to just splash water on your noggin to cool off. You'll love not having to worry about combing your hair before you go places. Most of all, you're going to no longer worry about receding hairline or bald spots. You're just going to rock and own it like a beast (plus you feel like a Supervillian for a while too).



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