Keep Lubbock Beautiful has a new mascot and it's a bit, uh, perplexing?

Let me say that the good folks at Keep Lubbock Beautiful are VERY good folks. They are awesome to work with and I heartily encourage you to get together a team from work and pitch in to keep our city looking sharp (with the wind constantly blowing things around here, all the help we can get is good).

So someone with Keep Lubbock Beautiful decided that they needed a mascot for a little outreach. I would have gone with something like "Pick Up Pete the Prairie Dog" or maybe "Gerry the Garbage Grackle", or even "Trashy the Sentient Trash Can". Instead, Keep Lubbock Beautiful went with Jacque Lapin. Jacque is a stuffed blue bunny who somehow ended up with a French name in Lubbock cause reasons I guess.

Okay, after much research I found out that "Lapin" means rabbit...but wait, there's more. According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, "Lapin" specifically means a castrated male rabbit (who the heck is cutting wee-wee's off of rabbits?).  So you have a clever attempt at "Jack Rabbit" but it really means, "Jack the neutered rabbit".

So Jacque has his own adventures and whatnot in an attempt to be a charming way to get kids involved with Keep Lubbock Beautiful. I guess I'll give you a B- for effort. I suggest you just flip over to "Barry the Keep Lubbock Beautiful Bunny" and let kids join in the fun of alliteration.

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