The fight over the city's noise ordinance is not over. We have to keep up the heat.

We've heard that we have the new noise ordinance on the ropes, but we're looking for a knockout. The best way is to continue to make our voices heard.

Out of all of this came the hashtag #keeplubbockloud. Well, why have just a hashtag when you can wear your thoughts? We'd venture to say the "Keep Lubbock Loud" is an even better slogan that "Keep Austin Weird."

Our friends at My Phat Tees are making these shirts and selling them for cheap! Just $10 for a basic black with a logo.

There's only one catch: With prices this cheap, you gotta pay up front. I can personally vouch for these folks, so if you want one, get one. Hit up their Facebook page and message them with your request. We want to get these out while they're hot and while we can make a difference in this issue.

Keep Lubbock Loud. Write it on your windows, hashtag it on your social media posts and wear it if you can.


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