There's nothing wrong with admitting your skills can use some sharpening.


My friend John Reeves is a certifiable, pipe-laying, pit master son of a gun. The meat he takes off his grill is next level. It's like he takes meat and makes candy out of it. Your stuff may be good, but his stuff is chef level, seriously. John and his buddies at Smokin X Barbeque have even been featured on the Travel Channel.

John and friends will be hosting a class to bring your skills up to speed. It'll run you $75 to learn secrets from the very best. Now, for some of us, we've wasted that much in some shoe-leather beef and dry chicken. One simple class and your game is going way up. The class is actually sponsored and hosted by Raider Red Meats on December 9th from 1p-4p. Here's their Facebook event page. The class is already half sold-out, so hurry.

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