The lack of brainpower out there is amazing.

There are any number of memes out there with this text in theme: "56,000 people die annually from the flu, 3,465 deaths from Coronavirus and everyone freaks out."

The meme, for whatever ignorant reason, is meant to diminish the severity of this possible pandemic. Now, let me explain to you why this meme is idiotic.

First off, you are comparing a year of flu with a virus that's only been around since December.

Secondly, Coronavirus kills about two out of every 300 people (1.5-percent mortality rate). The flu kills about 1 out of 1,000 (.1-percent mortality rate).

Next up, you don't get to choose one over the other; that would increase your chances of dying overall.

Lastly, scientists would love to exterminate the flu, but it's out of control. Right now, there's still hope that the Coronavirus can be contained and eliminated, instead of resurfacing each year and killing more people.

Final note: if you think "the media" is blowing this out of proportion, then book a discount trip to China now and see how that works out.

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