This is not about Cinco De Drinko, or maybe it is a little.

The theme for this years Cinco De Mayo parade was "!Que Rica es la Vida! How rich is life!"  That really hit me square between the eyes.

I'm not even sure the times we're in are that tough, but I'm sure all the people out there think it is. The constant bickering about politics is just soul-sucking. In the middle of this comes a parade with the topic and reminder that "How Rich Is Life". It's just a day to fiesta and to celebrate, and yes it's more of a celebration that it even is a salute to a historical event.

We could all learn something from this parade and we should all attend. At first, it may seem a bit odd to attend an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage, but that word CELEBRATE is so important in that sentence. These people don't want to turn the U.S. into Mexico or any of that other political garbage with you. They want to celebrate and share with you the same way you share your grandma's old recipes.

Suck it up next year and take the kids out to learn something about other cultures. I would bet the house that you come away meeting awesome people, trying delicious food and taking a little of that fiesta spirit with you, even if it's just for a little while.  How rich is life!

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