How metal would you like your movie?

The folks at HorrorWeb, which is made up of a lot of Lubbock ex-pats, reached out to me about their latest project. I thought you might be interested because you probably know some of the crew, plus the movie theme is right up our alley.

The movie is called "The Black Quarry" and the elevator pitch is pretty awesome "a metal band goes to make a video and then things get surprisingly gory".  Doesn't that sound like something you'd watch RIGHT NOW? I know I'm certainly intrigued.

The group is looking to trend on the Indiegogo site and in order to do that they have to stir up 100 donors of a buck or more. That's right, just $1 and technically you're a movie producer (I think you should add that to your business cards). You could also step up with some big bucks and be an actual producer, but right now the guys need to hit that 100 donor mark.

I find things like this to be quite fun, and in fact, you can see my name in the credits of a horror documentary hosted by none other than Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot because a donation was made to the film in my name. I will also be supporting this project myself [For the record, I have no financial interest here, other than being a donor like anyone else].

This is the second film from the group. Their first, "The Witch's Bargain" won tons of awards as well as a listing on IMDB. The star of that film was our own Sarah/Scarah who used to work weekends on FMX.

If you'd like to find out more, you can do that here.

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