How old were you in 1981?

Let's set that opening question to the side for a moment and get to the meat of the matter. I was chatting with a listener who's boss thinks that FMX is a little aggressive for workplace listening. Well, first off, there are all kinds of workplaces, and secondly, and more importantly, what?

Yeah, FMX plays aggressive music. What this person does not understand is that the people around here grew up with it and are used to it.  Let's just say someone was 16 in 1981 when we went on air; that would make them 54 today. That's hardly the wild leather jacket deviants that some people might picture in their mind. Now let's consider the fact that most who started listening to us in 1981 were older than 16.  In short, the people you might think would be offended by rock, are most likely not.

We are also happy that along the way we've picked up so many new listeners. Sometimes it's been a passed down thing in the family and sometimes kids just love what we do. We have basically built four generations worth of listeners. Those managers who think we're a little aggressive, you might want to stop for a moment and think about who you're really appealing to because some of us get very offended when you don't rock.  There's a reason why FMX is the #1 station in West Texas.

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