I am just amazed this even needs to be written.

Why can't there just be eight hours a day for kids to learn stuff?  Why do adults have to muck it all up with their political and religious b.s.?  On the other side, if you really want your kid to have religious-based instruction or push whatever agenda you think they should have, then homeschool them.  Now, of course, we both know that these types of parents aren't satisfied with their kid getting that kind of instruction, they actually want all kids to have that kind of instruction.

At issue now is parents suing a school because their student was sent home for wearing a gun rights shirt with a depiction of a gun on it, something that many schools have disallowed since school shootings became a thing.  Boiling this down, EVERBODY knows that when you wear a graphic tee you aren't doing it for yourself, you're doing it to show everybody around you what you're into.  Taking this particular issue further, it's not even about gun rights, it's about the school's right to maintain a code of conduct for its students. This is something local school boards should decide.

Once again, I don't have a problem with guns. I would not have a problem with there being an actual class with lessons on cleaning guns and actual range time involved. I wouldn't even mind religion being taught as a class. Those aren't the issues at hand.

My take on this is simple. Let teachers teach school during school hours. It's not a time for parents or students to speak out on their agendas; there are 18 other hours in a day where they can stand on a street corner with a sign, or join an after-school group that focuses on their interests.  If whatever you deemed is appropriate for your child needs to be in their life 24-7, then that's on you.

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