I don't know about you, but my Facebook feed is hot garbage right now.

While all the people who failed their G.E.D. classes debate the higher points of war and other nonsense on the internet, some of us are looking for something more fun and distracting.

I have several groups and pages that really make my feed a fun place to visit and break up the monotony and frustration you get with all the armchair scholars out there. I really like Cholo Challenge To Dance To Different Songs and Weird Secondhand Finds That Need To Be Shared.  I also just joined another called Things Found In Walls.

With these highly specialized and fun groups in mind, I created one myself called, "Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Pets".  I think most of us as pet owners have tried to take a picture of a pet and had that pet get really, really close to the camera.  That's all this page is, and all it's ever gonna be. Nothing but smooshy animal faces.

The group is in its infancy with just a scattering of members and just a pic or two at this time, but that's the fun. Let's grow this group together with your pictures. Let's have one more thing that comes across Facebook feed that makes you smile instead of stressing out. Once again, you can find the page here.


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