Corporal punishment is officially out at Lubbock ISD.

It's silly that some people still think that spankings are the best way to raise kids. They look back on their own spankings fondly in some kind of weird tribute to the ass bustin' days of yore. It's actually been proven time after time that doing this kind of violence on a kid is not the best way to handle things, and can actually lead to worse behaviors.

Now, to those people who still don't get it, I'm not talking about swatting them to get their attention; I'm talking about seriously laying into them with a belt or paddle.

LISD has now joined the party, even though paddling hasn't been used on a student since 2015. Ya see, educated people finally figured out this isn't the best way to discipline kids, but is a really great way to get yourself a lawsuit.

I went to Brownfield High School from 1979-1980, and I can tell you that paddling was still in full force. They would smack you hard enough to knock you off your feet. I quickly developed a calloused ass though, and would always just opt for the swats rather than come to school early. That's correct. I got mean enough, quick enough, that I opted to just get hit and move on with my day. That ought to tell you how ineffective swats are past a certain age.

I'm sure more than enough of you will take issue with this, and you're welcome to do so. But I feel that spanking is a caveman-like response to situations that are better handled in other ways.

It's great that Lubbock ISD is finally 100 percent out of the spanking game.

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