Well, this is kind of rude.

Some astute person happened to notice an interesting weather pattern that happened to be centered just a little north and east of us. I think we'll claim it though.

The weather pattern looked like a giant green middle finger (kind of like the Hulk telling the rest of the Avengers, "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya").  The portion of the "hand" giving the middle finger, about where the folded-down thumb and pointer finger would be get started right around the Lubbock area.

So why do think we're giving the rest of the U.S. the finger? Are we made because it's about to get hot? Are we peeved because we got all that late rain and spoiled cotton planting season? My guess is that we did it just because Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska all suck (possibly a football thing?).

Thankfully none of this weather (that I know of) did get too severe. The flying finger of weather doom was ultimately unsuccessful in its attempt to curse the area, but it's still hilarious. Check it out:

It does look like the finger we pointed at others will be pointing right back at us. Coming up on Thursday we may hit our first 100-degree temperature for the year. We should stay under 100 on Friday and Saturday, then it's back into the 100-degree-plus temperatures all next week, including the official start to summer on the 21st.  If this is how summer is going to start, then expect an absolute scorcher this year.

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