I hate to tell you this, but a legendary radio station is rumored to be on the chopping block.

By all accounts, the legendary Eagle (KEGL-FM) in Dallas/Fort Worth is done. Supposedly the station will become the third sports talk station in the market today. At one time we were close enough to the station that Program Director and Host Chris Ryan served as the voice of 94.5 FMX (the big voice announcer guy).

It's sad and crazy that we've outlived The Eagle, Q-102, The Zoo, The Bone, The Edge, and so many others. This means the only rock of any kind at all in Dallas/Fort Worth is KZPS-FM, the classic rock station. And by classic rock, we mean the really old stuff.

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So what becomes of fans who like their rock a bit newer? Well, I imagine a lot of it will stay in DFW. After all, fans were already turning out for the concerts. Still, I believe the impact and appeal of playing in the area will fade after time, unless a new station comes on air.

It's my sincerest hope that the Metroplex's loss is our gain. Don't get me wrong: this could actually hurt tour routing if bands don't play Dallas. But Texas is a big state to get across, and Lubbock has some WILD fans who really turn out for shows.

If you have friends in the Metroplex, please let them know that we like to rock here in Lubbock, Texas.

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