The Coliseum and Auditorium probably needed to go. They weren't being taken care of, and for that you can blame past and present city officials, and, to a lesser degree, the public.

The people of this town do not understand that quality of life is a big issue. Most who moved to Lubbock moved from even smaller towns, so they think Lubbock is plenty exciting enough. It just doesn't seem to register with folks here that their kids and the best and brightest from Lubbock make a beeline for a bigger city as quickly as they can.

On a recent list of fastest growing cities in the US, Lubbock placed 254th. Yep, that's not really "fast-growing." Meanwhile, Austin, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio and others knock it out of the park.

So now we have two fewer options for entertainment and other events in Lubbock. Those of you who expect private concerns to step in are in for a rude awakening.

There's some talk of an outdoor rodeo setup out by the airport (already sounds underwhelming, doesn't it?), and there's the Buddy Holly Center, which will price a lot of families out of their entertainment options. But that's about it.

I completely understand that you've seen your tax dollars wasted, diverted and misused, but Lubbock is going to have to step up and try to compete someday. Now, we've just made doing that even harder.

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