I'm sorry that a lot of people got hurt in the Reagor-Dykes fiasco, but the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal is stooping beyond low.

The A-J published a wild, out-of-control and probably way out of context transcription of a staff meeting hosted by Bart Reagor. It's outrageous, off-color and not news.

In its effort to show someone else's dirty laundry, the A-J itself has dissolved into scum-baggery. The only relevant thought in the whole piece is Reagor saying he built the business with "other people's money."

Those of you in the high-pressure world of sales wouldn't be surprised at all by the meeting, and many of you have probably been part of much worse ones. If the intent of publicizing this transcription was to show how brutal sales is, I would understand. My guess is the real intent is to continue to punish Reagor-Dykes for their alleged misdeeds against the community. Oh, and garner website clicks and subscriptions, because the scandal surrounding Reagor-Dykes is a hot topic in Lubbock.

This is the equivalent of hacking a celebrity's phone for dirty pictures. Sure, you want to see them, but you feel bad for looking. We're better than this, and I wish our hometown newspaper was, too.

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