We used to have a real problem at concerts here in Lubbock. The video above is a small reminder of that.

Lubbock was notorious at one time for people throwing stuff at the bands. I don't even think it was out of malice. I think it was small town yahoos who came to Lubbock for a show, and the closest they'd come to "touching" a performer was throwing something at them. It's idiotic behavior, for sure. We had many bands walk off stage and/or swear they'd never come back to Lubbock because of it.

In the video included above, the band Warrant walked off the stage after multiple things were thrown. I also remember that the band Rainbow had to cancel after some idiot threw a beer that ended up shorting out the mixing console. (I also remember the band's bass player, Roge Glover, coming up to the radio station afterward and saying "f---" on my radio show.)

I have often railed out against the past practice of throwing cups of beer, because it still happens sometimes these days. (What kind of lightweight punk throws good beer anyways?) And I've been told that legally all a band has to do is perform three songs for it to be considered a complete "performance" in Texas, and they are free to walk the heck out after that.

We seem to have a bit of this problem at Texas Tech games as well, but with smartphones and security everywhere, they keep a bit of a lid on it. I'm sure that someone will make the comment 'who cares, Warrant was crappy anyways,' but the real point is, how would you like it if someone threw stuff at your head while you tried to do your job?

I'm glad we're past this behavior for the most part. If you see someone acting a fool at an event, please point them out to security before it gets ruined for the rest of us.

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