I have to admit that the nostalgia got me *right there* on this one.

For those not in the know, the Lubbock Cotton Kings were a semi-pro ice hockey team that played in the Lubbock Colesium. They had one of the coolest logos ever and it was generally a riot to go take in a game and enjoy all the things that minor league sports love to do (giveaways, special nights, jerks like me on the Zamboni).

The Lubbock Cotton Kings were around from 1999 to about 2007. There was some possibly shady goings-on with the Lubbock Colesisum and the team basically lost their lease.

Let's also forget that the loss of the Cotton Kings meant the loss of ice in general so we also lost ice skating and some displacement of Texas Tech Hockey (which apparently is still a thing).

Okay, enough with the history. There is a website called Vintageicehockey.com that has apparently scooped up the rights to the old logo and is reprinting it on all kinds of stuff. Let's just say I'm very interested and would like something to go next to my Lubbock Renegades Football Jersey and my Lubbock Crickets Baseball shirt (yes, there is a huge history of failures when it comes to semi-pro sports in Lubbock).

Anyways...as you can see the log still looks good and fresh and almost not like a throwback at all. This just might be the perfect thing to get a Lubbock sports fan for Christmas as it would be a surefire conversation starter amongst all of those who loved the team. Once again, you can click here to check out the merch.

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