I guess survival of the fittest is what we're doing now.

Lubbock saw 73 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. That's right back up there and there will be little stopping it. It's absolutely crazy to think that better than half of this city has a solution right in front of them, but they're either too ignorant or frightened to take a shot.

I don't think this will change. The only thing that's going to change minds is for the non-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers to knock on death's door with a case of this super-crud. I'm not going to change minds here, I'm just here to postulate on what this is going to look like. (I guess I should mention the 798 dead in Lubbock County out of respect, but no one is giving them the respect of taking a shot their families no doubt wish they had.)

I believe you won't see any more lockdowns. I believe that most school children will not wear masks. I don't think events will be canceled. I believe most people will take no precautions. And, most of all, everyone is going to live in denial.

We can't save people who won't save themselves. My empathy well has run dry. I am no longer concerned about the people who catch COVID-19; I'm concerned about who's going to take care of their pets if they die. Sorry, but innocent animals concern me way more than ignorant humans.

There's only one area in which I have some hope: 36 percent of Lubbock has been fully vaccinated, and nearly 50,000 have already been infected with COVID-19, so maybe, just maybe, this thing will burn itself out before a new variant emerges and re-infects everyone. That's all probably wishful thinking because I trust the experts, and at least one Lubbock hospital has returned to prepping rooms for overflow COVID-19 patients. I hope you're not one of them.

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