People make too many assumptions when driving.

Some idiot saw fit to pull a gun on another driver on the South Loop this past Saturday morning. This brings up all kinds of questions.

We have to ask ourselves, what did the victim do to make the other driver mad enough to pull a gun? We also have to ask why the suspect why he'd be willing to spend a nice nickel in prison because of another driver? The answer to both of these questions is for both parties to chill the hell out.

We've all heard folks over-reacting to the actions of other drivers. We've also seen many drivers perform maneuvers that make people overreact. Trust me when I say that most people don't get in their car with the intention of wrecking into somebody else or murdering another driver.

Accidents happen. Bad driving happens. Sometimes the best drivers just don't see what's around them due to blind spots and whatnot. Just chill out and practice safe, defensive driving and don't let anyone get to you. And if someone is aggressive with you, remember that behavior will eventually catch up with them, especially if you call the police.

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