Here's something that won't surprise you, most of the people knocking on your door don't have a permit.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The Energy Hustle

People are lazy. Everyone knows it, including prospective energy providers. They know if they can ink you to a contract, you'll be stuck for a while and possibly longer. They know if you get mad, you'll get over by the time the contract expires, and/or you'll forget to change within some window of opportunity. This is why providers are going "all in" with some very aggressive marketing. They know that if they hook you now it could be decades before you get around to changing providers, if you ever do.

Where We're At

I hope by now you've made a choice, even if you haven't formalized it. The providers that are still hustling are doing mop-up work and hope that they can get some undecided people to commit to their plans. I don't blame any of them and some are truly trying to help. I've even been greeted in a big box store and the people were very pleasant, even after I told them I was already inked.

Give Power A Bad Name

The problem now lies with door-to-door salesmen and repeated visits. I would NEVER buy anything that is presented to me in this manner, especially when they ignore the "No Soliciting" sign on my door (They've already broken my trust by ignoring that).  We had one come to our door and my wife told them "My husband already signed us up" to which the salesmen asked, "Well, when is he going to be back so I can talk to him?". That is a layer of creepy that will get someone hurt. First, we were signed up, second, don't ask when either of us is home, and third, was he assuming she was lying to him? My story is just one of many about over-aggressive salesmen making multiple visits and "cop-knocking" on doors.

Get It Done The Right Way

Again, chances are HIGH that these door-to-door salesmen haven't registered with the city for a panhandler permit. That fact alone tells you that you're starting on the shady foot. I respect the hustle, and I hope these salesmen will find something that suits them better than bothering people at home because this just isn't cool. The best thing you can do is just hit up the Power To Choose website and be done with it.

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