Here I was, about to write about a big pile of dirt.

I decided to take a quick trip out to the site of the Lubbock Expo Center. I was pretty pumped to see the big pile of dirt. The dirt means that at least they were scraping the land getting ready to do something.

After a bit I saw a driveway had been poured to allow trucks and tractors to access the land. All of this was encouraging so I decided to drive to the back of the property to see what the heavy machinery was doing and there was an entirely new asphalt road there. I had to take that road to see what else I could see.  I also found that fire hydrants had been installed and at the end of the road, what looked to be concrete drainage areas.

All of this is a LOT. I can tell you that the stuff that is being done now is far more important than putting up a building. If the EXPO center was abandoned, having this land developed for water and drainage would still be huge for possible tenants.

I just happen to live in a neighborhood that is somewhat adjacent to the Expo Center. I have resolved to deal with a little of the noise and the occasional smell of stalls full of horse dookies; after all, we all need to do our part.

I know the people in charge are still looking for money to finish up this project and I certainly hope they find it. If rodeo is going to make up part of the cultural identity of Lubbock, I am 100% good with that. I am happy for the Hub to be ABOUT something and not just against things. I am also very happy for the core tenants, the ABC Rodeo, and can't wait until they return to Lubbock.


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