I guess the state of Texas didn't notice that there were virtually no cases of election fraud.

Lubbock County is being tasked with buying a $4 million dollar voting system because of ridiculous voting integrity laws. The state is forcing us to adopt a system that records the vote both electronically and on paper. This system is so that in the case of a recount, both methods can be called upon (at least twice the price).

This is so ridiculous that I'm having trouble putting together the words for it, but I'll try: inane, ill-conceived, unnecessary, etc. Are we doing this because old people don't trust computers? Is that what this is? Visa knows if my credit card has been hacked, and you're going to try and tell me that we wouldn't know if these electronic systems have been hacked?

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What about those paper ballots, too? Have these primitive screwheads not heard of copy machines? What about secure storage for these ballots. Do we have to pay for that, too? What about the cost of the people carrying them from place to place and the cost of the actual materials?

All this is a huge pile of happy horses**t to make it seem like it's a real problem when it's not. You have Google; go spend your day digging up all those cases of voter fraud. When you have every single one of them accounted for, add them up and realize that none of it was enough to tip an election to begin with. Then consider the fact that we're in Texas, where most of the vote trends towards one party anyway. Even our local officials say that we don't have problems here.

The state is supposed to pay Lubbock back for the $4 million in expenses. That doesn't matter; we all know that it comes out of the taxpayers' pockets either way.

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