Everybody is feeling the pinch from higher gas prices.

Gas prices are up, and as a matter of fact they go up every year around spring break. This year we have additional issues adding even more pressure to the industry. Let's not pretend that we're stupid here. We know it's all about supply and demand and right now there are problems in both areas.

Gas prices went down during the pandemic because no one was using any gas. We all started going back to work so that put more pressure on the supplies. We also had/have supply chain issues getting things from point A to point B. Then we put a war on top of that. It's a perfect storm that will only stop when either the supply increases or the demand decreases.

I'd also like to address a very popular meme that making the rounds..it says as follows:

Keep in mind, farmers and truckers run on diesel. When they can no longer afford fuel we don't eat.

First off, nearly everyone is passing along a version that misspells diesel, which tells me it wasn't well thought out from the start. Secondly, we're all feeling the pinch. I love you farmers and truckers, but I also love the moms who have to drive their kids to school. Lastly, are you into drama much? Unfortunately, trucking and farming costs will just go up and be passed onto us; this is not a scenario that ends up where "we don't eat."

Oh, and one more thing. Many farmers use red diesel (AKA cherry juice), which is cheaper than the price you see at your local gas station for regular diesel. Some trucks use it illegally, too. All of this adds up to make me think some (hopefully) well-meaning person who was not a farmer or trucker came up with it.

I would also like to mention that your friendly local West Texas oilfield worker is going to get paid. Rigs are going to open back up, jobs are going to need to be filled, and that money is going to come back to our local economies. I'm also very much in favor of us getting our energy right here in the U.S.A. instead of from imports.

Here's what's not going to help: bitching about the problem on social media.

I know it's tough out there but whacking away on your computer keys does nothing. Stay home. Combine your trips to the grocery store. Join a rewards program. Drive the car that gets better gas mileage and leave that big truck at home. By the way, if you were concerned about spending money on gas, why did you buy a dually that gets 13 miles per gallon? We can all do something about this, and that's use less gas.

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