I'm a big fan of the Urban Dictionary, and I'm proud to say I have three entries in there. NONE of these are my entries.

Man, does Lubbock get roasted in the Urban Dictionary. There are four entries on the town, with one being somewhat of a correction on an older one. Here are some highlights from the four entries:

 Known for it's incredible lack of trees, water and hills, as well as it's insane mass of dust, wind, and trucks.

The only things to do in Lubbock are drink, go to church, and to to Texas Techfootball games during college football season.

 And people from Lubbock only like TTU football when Mike Leach is the coach, not Tupperwear or Tuberville or whatever his name is.

Where you can contract syphilis by taking too deep of an inhale.

If you'd like to check out a bit more of this savagery, you can click here.

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